Wood gasifier - high efficient biomass/syngas generator system

Wood gas - a forgotten fuel...

We mostly know wood gas technology from the post-war era, when the lack of fuel required people to get creative to remain mobile. When wood is gasified, high temperatures and air in the pyrolysis processes not only produce coke or charcoal but also flammable gas out of wood. This gas is extracted, purified and can then be used again. Wood gasification however, had a highly detrimental secondary effect: the pyrolysis process also produced soot and tar. Older engine models were able to handle that. Modern high-efficiency engines, as they are used in contemporary cogeneration plants, cannot deal with such by-products.

"We did not reinvent the wheel - we only made it rounder!"

However, in 2010, our research and development team brought about change after working on that topic intensely for five years. It was necessary to rethink the biomass gasification process and to use wood pellets as standardised fuel (as per DIN EN plus AI) to give the system the ultimate impulse it needed to be successful. Our wood gasifiers use the downdraft gasification method and a stationary fluidized bed to transform the fuel wood pellets into wood gas so it can be used in a specially adapted combined heat and power plant. By converting our existing vegetable oil CHPs to syngas, especially wood gas, and together with the new modern-day plants, we were and are able to create a powerful power and heat biomass-generator system.

Development . Production . Support

As one of the leading wood gasifier manufacturer, we are your one-stop supplier from development to planning over manufacturing, assembly to installation. We place great value on the high quality of our material and implementation. We are certified as per DIN ISO 9001 BDEW and SeSam, and can thus guarantee consistent standards regarding our products to our customers.

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